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1980 Football Boot Patent T-Shirt

T-Shirt featuring a 1980 Football Boot Patent by FinlayMcNevin


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Roberto Baggio "Il Divin Codino" T-Shirt

T-Shirt featuring Roberto Baggio "Il Divin Codino" by Johnsalonika84


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J. Cruyff T-Shirt

T-Shirt featuring Johan Cruyff by Johnsalonika84


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George Best T-Shirt

T-Shirt featuring George Best by Johnsalonika84


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Maradona "El Pibe de Oro" T-Shirt

T-Shirt featuring Maradona "El Pibe de Oro" by Johnsalonika84


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Eusébio "Pantera Negra" T-Shirt

T-Shirt featuring Eusébio "Pantera Negra" by Johnsalonika84


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A replacement or store credit will be arranged when the wrong colour or size was ordered.

90 days return

Orders can be returned within 90 days of purchase.

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Money Back Guarantee

Money Back Guarantee

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